Cetace Marine Biology

Do you love marine life? Have you always been amazed by the wonders and beauty found under the surface of seemingly calm and undisturbed waters? Have you often found yourself wondering how the many waters teeming with life are interconnected with what happens above the water’s surface? Maybe a future as a marine biologist is the right choice for you! Marine biologists study the lives and habitats of those animals that live in the countless bodies of water on earth, both fresh and salt. Since the majority of earth is covered in these many bodies of water, it makes sense that a huge number of species on earth live within these waters. Many of them are unknown and, to this date, undiscovered making a career as a marine biologist one with a wealth of opportunity for discovering some of the mysteries of earth’s ocean life.

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Marine Biology

Schooling for marine biology can begin broadly with a four-year degree in biology. There are many subcategories of marine biology since our marine ecosystems are so vast. There are possibilities to focus on any sub-category of marine biology from microscopic organisms to plant life to environmental factors connected to the ocean. There is plenty of room for specificity and a career of study specially designed to meet your individual interests when building to a future in marine biology!

While there is a possibility for a very specific focus in your work, there are some more concretely developed and related fields of study where individuals may work within the general descriptor of “marine biology”. While studying or working in marine biology you may become interested in or work with others who are in the fields of oceanography, marine conservation, environmental studies, fishery science, or ecology to name a few. At times, working with people in these related fields will open up a whole new line of interest and inspire you to pursue further study within a particular avenue. The world of marine life is truly immense!

Marine Schooling

The Cetace Marine Biology Institute is a premiere organization that provides opportunities in both marine biology education as well as independent studies. We work with several local universities in order to provide some of the undergraduate credit work needed by future marine biologists as well as employing a full time staff of marine biologists who work in partnership with various companies and through a number of government and privately funded grant opportunities for study. The order cetacea refers to majestic marine life like; whales, dolphins, and porpoises and therefore we knew it would be the perfect inspiration for the name of our marine biology company.