Point of Service (POS) Systems for Pizza Restaurants in 2016

Point of Service (POS) Systems for Pizza Restaurants in 2016

If you have a pizza restaurant or are thinking of opening one you need to have a specialized Pizza Point of Sale System in your business plan. This will include a Cash Register and drawer, receipt printer and possibly a debit/credit card reader and can include an on line order feature and other options..

These days it is important to have modern features that will appeal to customers and make paying easy and efficient. Many cell phones now have a payment feature that can be accepted by card readers. Customers like the convenience of just using the payment App and hot having to open their wallets and use a credit card. Times have really changed and the latest technology is here to make your business run more smoothly and efficiently. Modern POS systems are controlled by a computer and can even include inventory management.

Here are some of the top POS systems recommended for Pizza Restaurants. If you are entering a franchise business, they may already have these systems in place, but as a new independent business owner you may have to choose your own. A system that is easy to learn and use will give your employees the opportunity to serve your customers better. You may also wish to talk to other business owners in your area and see which POS System they are using and ask their opinions. We will show a few systems below and websites for more information. You may want to contact more than one company and compare features, pricing and service details.

Business News Daily reviewed and recommends a few different POS systems for Pizza businesses. You can read their information here: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/2955-best-pos-systems.html

A search on Google for POS Systems for Pizza Restaurants yielded the following among those listed.

PDQ Signature Systems Inc. https://www.pdqpos.com/
Based in Warminster, PA, their company and website has a great deal of information about how their system works and especially how easy it is to learn. You can browse through their site and contact them for further information.

Revention http://www.revention.com/
Located in Houston, TX, their website displays an easy to use screenshot of their system and highlights the delivery and order system and competitive pricing. Click through their tabs for more details.

Granbury Solutions http://www.granburyrs.com/
In Grapevine, TX, Granbury offers a free Pizzeria Point of Sale Buyer’s Guide. Again you can look through their website for information and details and compare with other systems.

BuyerZone http://www.buyerzone.com/
Headquartered in Waltham, MA, BuyerZone offers the customer a chance to compare quotes from different POS companies. They offer some great basic advice and options.

No matter which system matches your needs, it is important to do a little research and see what other vendors think about the different systems. Read on line comments. Make sure you get the best system for your business and budget. A good POS System can make your restaurant thrive and as many of today’s’ systems include on line ordering, it can free your employees to concentrate on producing a quality Pizza that your customers will rave about, make repeat orders and recommend to their friends.. There are many more companies that offer POS Systems. You can even do a search for the worst POS Systems and you will find a list there also.

It’s all about Customer Service, good food and a good, reliable POS system that will make your employees and customers happy. Do your homework and find the best model for your business that will keep your doors open for many years to come.